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What does fasting in Ramadan teach us?

In the name of God the Most Gracious the Most Merciful The Praise belongs to God though I am incapable of praising Him such as He deserves, and prayers, salutations, pledges and support on Muhammad the son of Abudllah (s) on his family, friends and helpers.  Every year we encounter the holy month of Ramadan …

Physical Training in Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar and is actually the name of the month just like September is the name of a month. Muslims all around the world fast during this month by abstaining from food, drink and sex during daylight hours. In the early hours of the morning, before sunrise, they …

New World

A New World

Exactly a year ago I was in quarantine for roughly three months. I experienced a life of complete and total isolation where I worked from home online and lived by myself alone in an apartment. My life alternated between work, exercise, cooking, cleaning and praying. It was a unique experience for me to experience Ramadan …


How to choose a good wife

Men the world over, are increasingly discouraged from getting married. Why get married when the majority of marriages end in divorce? Why get married when so many women leave their husbands when least expected to? In response these questions I will attempt not only to explain to men why they should get married, but also …

Ramadan Mubarak

The Middle Road

Choice! There was a time when people had to choose between watching channel one or channel two on their television sets. As a kid we’d play cricket, rugby or soccer. Occasionally we’d play some other games. When it came to ice-cream, it was either chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. In a world with little variables it …


Between complacency and ambition

“Failure is not an option…come on son… push harder..” This kind of talk works well in the gym. A lot of the motivational books out there try to tap into this hunger for attaining success. “Ask yourself, how badly do you want it. Imagine it, feel it, touch it, savor it… Now get to work!” …


Do women want to be protected?

… tell men that we women want to feel protected and wanted too… of course this is just me… but my girlfriends said the same thing. Usually none of us have financial security and we rely on the protection/security aspect and we just want to feel wanted.


Finding Peace in Relationships

  We try to find peace in our lives in various ways. Some of us look for peace in our families, others in our hobbies. Some of us are at peace when we pray, others when we are outdoors in nature. Some use various activities to help them escape from a turbulent reality- one that …