The you that you’ll become


I’m 37 years old. I’m relatively strong and capable. I’m hardworking, dedicated and healthy. These are things I am now. Where will I be in ten years? Where will I be in twenty years? What will my condition be? There’s no telling what will happen but there are a few things I and anyone else […]

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What does fasting in Ramadan teach us?


In the name of God the Most Gracious the Most Merciful The Praise belongs to God though I am incapable of praising Him such as He deserves, and prayers, salutations, pledges and support on Muhammad the son of Abudllah (s) on his family, friends and helpers.  Every year we encounter the holy month of Ramadan […]

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Between complacency and ambition


“Failure is not an option…come on son… push harder..” This kind of talk works well in the gym. A lot of the motivational books out there try to tap into this hunger for attaining success. “Ask yourself, how badly do you want it. Imagine it, feel it, touch it, savor it… Now get to work!” […]

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The Life Within


There are days when everything seems to be going wrong. Sometimes it feels like life is spinning out of control and you don’t know whether you’re coming or going. Chaos isn’t something you can predict, except maybe that it’s bound to visit you now and again. Even the most organized of people get thrown wild […]

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Pleasure Seeking


When I was growing up I veered towards asceticism and had this idea that seeking pleasure was spiritually damning. I got that idea, not only from Islamic asceticism but also from my reading of the Far-Eastern Traditions. My journey into Martial Arts led me down the rabbit role of spiritualism and for many years I […]

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Be contented not complacent

Be Grateful

A person once told me, “Ambition is what kills you. You are never contented with what you have…” I thought about that for a while. It was true that I was always trying to improve my life, and I was never ‘satisfied’ with what I have. It was never good enough. I always wanted the […]

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Core Beliefs

The Night Sky

When beliefs are mentioned religion often comes to mind. What do you believe? Think about that for a minute… Some people might reply, “Well, I believe in God.” Others might respond, “I’m not sure what I believe.” I’ve heard people say, “I believe in freedom.” There’s really no right way to believe. I know that […]

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Coach De Bruyns

I was walking down the street deep in thought. That’s my normal state of affairs. I’m always deep in thought. I’ve struggled with being fully present most of my life, because I often get lost in the world ideas. On one such day, looking down as usual, a kid looked up at me and shot […]

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I Burn

Do you remember the time you bumped your head? Confidence and stupidity seemingly have a lot in common. I remember watching my kid running along the edge of a huge staircase that led into our tidal pool. I call it ‘ours’ because most days we were the only people there. When you are five minutes […]

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