Contrary to the surface level preaching of the rockstar preachers, idolatry and idol gods were symbols of actual motives within human beings. God wasn’t angry with people because of statues perse, rather it was what those idols represented. While the vast majority of people don’t have idols in their homes whom they pray to, they still have idols in their hearts. Those idols are the love of name, fame, wealth and power. In societies that practiced idolatry, it wasn’t the idols that meant anything. It was the gatekeepers to those idols who spoke on their behalf. It was the priests and the merchants who profitted from idolatry and the peasants who suffered for their wrong beliefs. Muhammad, the Messenger of God (peace and blessings be on him) was not opposed because he’d break the idols. He was opposed because he’d destroy the social order in which idolatry was profitable. He fought against those who loved this world over the next. #Muhammad #Islam

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