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How to choose a good wife

Men the world over, are increasingly discouraged from getting married. Why get married when the majority of marriages end in divorce? Why get married when so many women leave their husbands when least expected to? In response these questions I will attempt not only to explain to men why they should get married, but also …


I don’t know what he wants…

There was a time people made certain basic assumptions about men and what they want in an intimate relationship. In fact, many people still have these basic assumptions: sex, food, comfort, and to be left alone. That’s a very short list and for a lot of men, keeping things as uncomplicated as possible is very …

Cultural Diversity

Understanding Cultural Nuance

In a diverse world where you might be in conversation with people from all around the globe, it’s hard not to misunderstand what the other person means. That is because, historically, we typically only spoke to people around us. We shared a common language and common experience. In today’s world we need to have a …



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