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New World
A strong mind

A New World

Exactly a year ago I was in quarantine for roughly three months. I experienced a life of complete and total isolation where I worked from home online and lived by myself alone in an apartment. My life alternated between work, exercise, cooking, cleaning and praying. It was a unique experience for me to experience Ramadan …


How to choose a good wife

Men the world over, are increasingly discouraged from getting married. Why get married when the majority of marriages end in divorce? Why get married when so many women leave their husbands when least expected to? In response these questions I will attempt not only to explain to men why they should get married, but also …

Ramadan Mubarak
A strong mind

The Middle Road

Choice! There was a time when people had to choose between watching channel one or channel two on their television sets. As a kid we’d play cricket, rugby or soccer. Occasionally we’d play some other games. When it came to ice-cream, it was either chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. In a world with little variables it …

A strong mind


The art of naming, I am led to believe, is primarily a human trait. The revelation I read and try to follow, the Qur’an, talks about how God taught Adam the names of all things. (2:118)  Naming is a very big deal because it is the foundation of a vocabulary and as a result, the …