I was walking down the street deep in thought. That’s my normal state of affairs. I’m always deep in thought. I’ve struggled with being fully present most of my life, because I often get lost in the world ideas. On one such day, looking down as usual, a kid looked up at me and shot me bright smile. I smiled back, and that made my day. I wondered how come I don’t really smile more often. I couldn’t exactly tell myself that I needed to smile more often because if it wasn’t genuine, it will just be weird- a bit psycho. 

It’s not easy to smile when you think the world is filled with problems and you’re constantly trying to solve them. I’ve always been a problem solver, and I’ve always tried to change things for the better. Sometimes, however, the best solution is to know where your borders lie. Sometimes, you have to simply say, “Look that’s a real problem, but it’s not my problem.” 

When I started to mind my own business more, I was able to smile more. When I know that I am on top of my game, I can walk around happily and smile with nearly everyone. In some cultures you had better not smile with women, it might be taken the wrong way. I learnt that a smile comes from being somewhat satisfied. “Don’t take yourself so seriously” I was told. “You’re just a spec of dust in the universe!”

Now, when I walk pass people who looked troubled I shoot them a smile, just like that kid did. You never know if the person you smiled at might change his mind about the some great negativities going on in his life. You never know how that smile will uplift a complete stranger. It’s not surprising that the great Prophet of Islam said, “To smile is a charity.” Once more, it’s a charity that doesn’t cost you anything. It’s probably a good idea to find the ingredients inside of you, that will help you smile. 

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