You are Powerful

History will be judge. The brave cultural experiments of this century will reap what it sows. We will have long been dead when our great grandchildren will have to live with the consequences of what we do today. Yet, we tell people that it's all about the individual. It's all about you. Yes and No! The you that is immensely accountable and powerful, Yes! The you that is careless and carefree, No! You think you've arrived here today? You are the product of millions of years. Process that.... You are the link between the past and the future.
Coach De Bruyns

Why did you land on this page?

It's possible that you're looking for ways to improve your life. Or, maybe you're just curious? Whatever the reason may be, let me not waste any of your time. If you want to be challenged and grow, you've come to the right place. If you want to hear things that will just make you feel good, then you've come to the wrong place. I have done my best to make as many resources available for free. Are you ready for this journey?