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Why do I need a Life Coach?

This is a question I asked myself many times. Over the years that I’ve had a mentor and still do, I’ve wondered if it’s perhaps just a waste of time and money. Then I look back at my life and realise that I would not be where I am today were it not for my mentors. Everyone of us has blind spots and sometimes we need someone else to point it out to us. Someone who isn’t interested in tripping us or seeing us fall. We need someone who is interested in seeing us grow and reach our full potential to just say, “Hey watch out! I see you keep tripping over that hurdle!” 

Life is short and there are many paths that are long. In other words, a life well lived is a prosperous life because the decisions made were good ones. A miserable life is fraught with bad decisions often because people couldn’t secure good advice at the right time. My job, as a Life Coach, is to offer you advice when you need it most. The kind of advice I give is based on your own stated goals and objectives or simply to help you find out what goals you have if you don’t already know. My job is to help you along spiritually and mentally so that you can walk the road that you want to walk in order to get to where you want to be. I’m here to point out the potholes that you might’ve missed and to help you grow and maybe start to see some of the blindspots that cannot be seen unless they are pointed out. I do this work because I love helping people and I love that people should find happiness, peace, love, satisfaction, contentment and success. I would love everyone to be the best version of themselves just like I strive to be the best version of myself. Are you ready?

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