Patriarchy and Marriage

A real Christian and Muslim can only marry women from patriarchy as wives becuase it is ordinarily a requirement for a virgin woman to be given in marriage by her male guardian who is typically her father or grandfather. The idea that a woman is “given away” shows that marriage is a patriarchal institution.

On the far left, in matriarchal institutions they have walk in marriages when men come at night, sleep with the woman and leave in the morning. A typical man can have hundreds of such marriages in his lifetime, and a woman is free to engage in as many such marriages as she likes even while being married to another man or other men who father her children collectively regardless of paternity.

In patriarchal religions the above behavior is considered to be adultery, promiscuity and fornication depending on the circumstances because it presupposes that a woman can only have one husband at a time. It also prohibits men to marry unchaste women despite allowing them to have multiple wives. In other words, the two systems cannot work together, which is why the Quran says: The adulterer shall not marry save an adulteress or an idolatress, and the adulteress none shall marry save an adulterer or an idolater. All that is forbidden unto believers. (24:3) and.. And [lawful in marriage are] chaste women from among the believers and chaste women from among those who were given the Scripture before you, when you have given them their due compensation,1 desiring chastity, not unlawful sexual intercourse or taking [secret] lovers. (5:5) and… ….So marry them with the permission of their owners, giving them their dowry in fairness, if they are chaste, neither promiscuous nor having secret affairs…… (4:25)

The believers are not to engage in matriarchy at all. Feminist women are prohibited to marry for the believers because they are matriarchal and matriarchy is the doorway to being unchaste. If you are smart enough to understand that you have understood what is beneficial for you. If you cannot understand that, your well is still poisoned. A woman who isn’t “owned” by anyone is “owned” by everyone. #matriarchy #patriarchy #feminism #Islam #Christianity

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