The you that you’ll become

Friedrich Nietzche on How to be authentic.

I’m 37 years old. I’m relatively strong and capable. I’m hardworking, dedicated and healthy. These are things I am now. Where will I be in ten years? Where will I be in twenty years? What will my condition be? There’s no telling what will happen but there are a few things I and anyone else can do to make sure that there is something in the bag for tomorrow. 

Be Good

I have always believed in karma. What goes around comes around. Do unto others as you would like others to do unto you. These basic principles aren’t there just for fun. People have said it for thousands of years because it’s true. No one ever gets away with anything. You can win to win now, or you can win to win always. If you behave unethically and immorally to get ahead, there’s a good chance you’ll get ahead, but when the pendulum swings back it will slap you harder than you can imagine. If you behave ethically despite possibly losing, you will be the one to have the last laugh. You’ll be the one for whom there is only success because your constitution will be true. Be good because goodness is in your best interest in the short term and in the long term. There’s nothing like being able to put your head down on a pillow and falling off to sleep right away. There’s nothing like peace of mind, peace with your spirt and peace within your body. 

Be Consistent

My mentor, may God rest his soul, used to tell me that I should did deep for he who does so finds water. I was always a restless soul. I always wanted to be everywhere, include everyone, and embrace everything. He said to me, the one who digs many wells doesn’t find water. It’s that one who digs on one spot. In youth, we are always afraid to commit. The truth is the sooner we commit to something, someone, some idea, some life, some religion, the more we will find what is of value to us. Sure, it’s possible to commit to the wrong thing, but then you’ll learn the lessons of right from the things that are wrong. The point is, that anything of greatness takes commitment and dedication to accomplish. Be consistent in developing and learning so that you are consistently a better person than you were before. 

Be Patient

Everything worth doing takes time to do. Along the way we get frustrated with having to do the things we do to accomplish the goals we have. Sometimes one might need a break from relentlessly pursuing a goal. Take a break and go back to it. Patience isn’t just a virtue because it enables you to endure hardships, it’s a virtue because it enables you to achieve greatness. Anyone who tries to follow any moral code will know that patience is the driving force behind remaining on track. Morality isn’t easy because it is the business of holding to an ideal in a less than ideal world. Be patient, and you will be enriched with a myriad of qualities to fortify yourself against the thunderous storms of life. 

Be Wrong

One of the greatest factors to growth is when one can be wrong. Admitting error or wrong doing is the only way one can become more right. Now being wrong doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to admit it to anyone else. Occasionally you will need to admit to others that you were wrong by way of apology and remorse. However, for the most part, wrongness can be subtle. At night I usually evaluate the day that has passed and I go through the many personal transactions and interactionsI’ve had with people. Often I discover in these action replays just how wrong I was or am about things in my life. These moments of admitting to myself my wrongness helps me remedy the things in my life that need remedying. You could ask people who are very close to you what you could perhaps have done differently in the unfolding of events. 

Be You

Finally, through all of life’s changes, the thing you must most guard against is not being authentically you. People often confuse the meaning of being you with being what you do. These are two different things entirely. There are things you don’t like about yourself you can remedy but if you aren’t authentic with yourself, you’ll never know what that is. I love surfing, but I hardly surf. I don’t have time. Surfing isn’t me. I love hanging out with my friends, but I barely do, hanging out isn’t me. I like running, but I seldom run, running isn’t me. Being yourself isn’t about what you do, it’s about who you are in any given situation. It’s about who you are when you surf, run or hangout. Find out more about who you are and understand that that you is what matters. 



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