My thoughts on the movie “Don’t Look Up”

Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t yet watched the movie you should probably not read this. I’ll not divulge the details of the movie but I’ll tell you what I think it blatantly points out. America, and the entire world as a result, is basically screwed. Not because of lack of resources or the lack of freedom, but, ironically, because of the exact opposite: too much resources and too much freedom. 

The movie depicts the dumbing down of Americans (which I more or less consider a fact coming from South African) and the stupidity of liberalism. If I say the sky is blue and you say the sky is pink, then we simply have different opinions. Everyone must be super nice about it because no one is allowed to be wrong. What the movie depicts is that the opposite is also true: no one can be objectively right either. 

After it is discovered through hardcore science that there is a possibility of a cataclysmic event that might destroy the Earth- I’m not telling you what the event is- the scientist appeal to the government for an intervention. However, that intervention isn’t readily offered because there are “more pressing concerns.” The movie shows just how trivial first world America is and how the latest gossip features more highly than life and death. Anyone who visits AOL will notice that American media prefers to busy Americans with the latest in celebrity gossip rather than with life altering world events. 

Cleverly, admits all the chaos, the movie demonstrates what really matters most. Not only do the viewers realise the importance of family, but in the movie itself the characters mostly come to that realisation. Of course, with exception of the greedy self interested narcissists who, after facilitating the destruction of the world made sure that they alone have an escape plan. It’s as if the producers are saying to us all, “Are you really leaving the future of mankind in the hands of people who are interested only in themselves and in making a profit?” After watching the movie it reaffirmed for me my belief in the need to separate government from corporatism. You can have rich, selfish, self interested capitalists running corporations, you just can’t have them part of the government.  

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