It’s 6am in the morning. I’m still plugged in. I open my eyes, of course I don’t really need them because I can see with images being fed directly into my mind through my new neurolink v6, by SaceX. Everything is crystal clear with my Oculus 12 headset. I tell my headset with my mind to enter prayer mode. I am at once transported to the virtual mosque where I pray.

I’m ready to have breakfast shortly thereafter and while I eat I watch the latest news. There is a new hype about pre-crime, the AI mega mind, affectionately called ‘Mum’ has managed to decode all the sequences of mental activities that takes place before a crime. This amazing feat wasn’t possible before Big Papa, that’s what we call the new Data Houses which came online using Mega Stream.

I know, you wanna know what Mega Stream is right? Well, with the constant interaction between the mind and machines, 5G wasn’t fast enough. After 7 G failed several years later, we upgraded to Mega Stream or what I call: The Telepath. The government says that ‘Mum’ is ready to disclose the brainwave activities associated with crime which will then reg flag all people who match those trends. ‘Mum’ and Big Papa will be keeping an eye on them, and they will be admitted to rehabilitation facilities before the crime is committed. If you ask me, I think it’s the right thing to do. I’m not with the rebels.

The government has been cracking down on all ORPHANS. We call them Orphans because they refuse to get connected with ‘Mum’ and Big Papa. In fact, rumour has it that they have built a Mega Steam free zones where they have sinful live touching of human flesh and produce babies outside of the Ai Mega Baby Program. We affectionately call it: The Nanny. Well, back to my life. Breakfast is done. I had refined nutrients in the all efficient nutriblock with new flavouring from Mars. Oh yes, you didn’t know that too. We have just settled our first humanoid colony on Mars.

Humanoids is our species, only the rebels are called humans, they are a more primitive version and must be eradicated. They disgust us but they will be exterminated soon. Anyway, I have to start working now. All I need to do is solve certain puzzles and riddles so my thoughts provide data for Mum and Big Papa, and then I’m free for the rest of the day to play with my friends in Zone 8. Zone 8 is the Metaverse where there are no countries, and where all people connect. In fact, my thoughts right now are being translated into English for this backwards projection into the past. At this time, we don’t have language, that’s only for the humans. Us humanoids communicate through thoughts. Don’t worry, you have a bright future ahead.

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