Male Attention is a Drug

Male attention is more than just a guy showing some interest in a woman. Male attention is addictive, and most women will do almost anything to get it. Almost everything a woman does is for the benefit of men, even though most women will never admit that. She might say that she dresses provocatively for herself. She posts suggestive pictures on social media because it makes her feel good. Well, truth be told if it was a ladies only platform it wouldn’t feel that good, now would it? What is the kinds of conversations women might have with themselves when they are attention whores? What is the result of that behavior and can it be fixed?

A woman might go through conversations in her mind that I imagine goes something like this:

I’m bored. I need to feel better about myself than I feel now. Let me post a pretty picture of myself on Tiktok. How’s this angle? How’s this filter? Is this sexy? Let’s see how many people viewed it? How many people liked it? I’m bored, let me call Mikey, see what he is up to. He’s such a good friend. Let me call Alan see what his up to. “I miss you buddy.” Oh, “I miss you too.” There’s another call, “Baby you’re so cute.” LOL.

It’s the weekend. I’m bored. Let me see who can pick me up and take me out. Shaun, “How are you my friend? Did you miss me?” Shaun replies, “Of course I missed you so so much. Wanna do something this weekend?” “Yes, come pick me up!” Goes out for the weekend, hangs with Shaun. Shaun tries to kiss her, “Oh, it’s not like that, you’re like a brother to me.”

Mental note: I should give him a chance to cool down and hang out with one of the other guys in future. I’ll call him to take me out in a few months.

Male attention is a drug for women. More than anything a woman wants to feel wanted by a man. However, where they are unable and or unwilling to commit to one man, they want to feel wanted by many men. The surface level relationships with many men as a collective makes up for the absence of one fully invested man. However, problems arise when she meets a man who is foolish enough to want to commit to her. Why?

Firstly, since she filled her life with male attention from several men, it is difficult for her to be contented with the attention from just one man, no matter how much attention he gives her. He will always come up short. As a result, she will constantly seek out male attention from other men. What man will be happy with his wife seeking male attention from other men?

Secondly, she will always compare him to other men- since she knows so many of them. That comparison will never be a fair comparison, because a man as a long-term partner or husband is very different to a man who only saw her as recreation.

Thirdly, she might’ve found it much easier to sleep around. For a woman to sleep with a man, she often first must develop an emotional relationship with him. Well, a woman with many male friends is the perfect candidate for that. I know women who have literally admitted to me that they slept with all the men down their males’ friends list. I was also the man at one point who offered a woman all the emotional support she needed but didn’t marry her. She ended up sleeping with other men to have the one thing in our relationship that was missing: sex. A male friend is sometimes an enabler for promiscuity.

Lastly, a woman with many male friends is likely to cheat on the man she is romantically involved with. The fact that she has many male friends shows that she has many male interests. Most men aren’t innocent friends of women. They are friends because they believe they stand a chance to sleep with her eventually. Or they are keeping her on the back burner in case they might be lonely, since they’ve already done the work to have access to her person. Why give up a woman for whom you’ve already done the work? If you think women do not low key understand all this, you’re wrong.

How do I know they actually understand this? Well, because the day that same woman gets married 90% of her male friends will immediately fall away. The chances of sleeping with a married women is greatly diminished. The few who do remain her ‘friends’ are either totally vile and would continue to try, or they were really just friends and didn’t want anything more.

There’s only one way forward if this describes your behavior as a woman. You must detox from the dopamine high you get when getting attention. You need to unhook yourself from wanting to constantly be admired. For that you need to take down all your provocative pictures on social media and start getting respect for your ideas and thoughts, not your looks. You need to stop wanting attention from men and start wanting attention for your actual accomplishments- how you look isn’t an accomplishment. Finally, you need to learn how to have female friends who aren’t going to give you a leg up just because you have a pretty face and a vagina. If you can’t do those things, you’re likely to remain single or cycle through various guys for the rest of your life.

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