Patriarchy and Marriage

A real Christian and Muslim can only marry women from patriarchy as wives becuase it is ordinarily a requirement for a virgin woman to be given in marriage by her male guardian who is typically her father or grandfather. The idea that a woman is “given away” shows that marriage is a patriarchal institution. On […]

All I See is You

I recently watched the movie, “All I See is You” where this blind woman is the wife of an insurance broker residing in Thailand. I thought this movie would make excellent Red Pill content because it lines up with all the teachings of the Red Pill Movement that has found currency over the past few […]

Male Attention is a Drug

Male attention is more than just a guy showing some interest in a woman. Male attention is addictive, and most women will do almost anything to get it. Almost everything a woman does is for the benefit of men, even though most women will never admit that. She might say that she dresses provocatively for […]



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