Patriarchy and Marriage

A real Christian and Muslim can only marry women from patriarchy as wives becuase it is ordinarily a requirement for a virgin woman to be given in marriage by her male guardian who is typically her father or grandfather. The idea that a woman is “given away” shows that marriage is a patriarchal institution. On […]

About Islam

In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Most Merciful The Praise belongs to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. It is He who created us in truth, so that we might identify the truth through His guidance sent with His Prophets and Messengers, the last of which was Muhammad the son of Abdullah (God’s peace […]

Gender Roles in Islam

There are predefined gender roles within Islam such that men are exclusively identified as men and not to be confused with women, and women are exclusively identified as women and not be confused with men. In the modern world there has been a wealth of confusion regarding gender roles, attitudes and behaviors to the extent […]

Ramadan Mubarak

Wishing all my Muslim readers a Ramadan Mubarak. May Allah grant you all an elevated position in nearness to Him and accept from all of you your acts of worship during and after this holy month. Fasting is an exercise of worship that resets the body, mind and spirit to a base level so that […]

Becoming Muslim

Taking the Shahada (Testifying that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad (s) is His Messenger) begets obligations and prohibitions to complete your statement through the beautification of your actions and the straightening out of your life. The first obligation that falls upon a person who claims belief is the 5 daily prayers and […]

Islamic Governance?

If one were to read the Quran, and I would encourage everyone to do so, you would notice one of the biggest themes aside from worshipping One God Alone, is justice and equality before the law. Hence, some of the earliest political theorists established an independent judiciary and opined that God is in fact the […]

Modern Muslim Women

The problem with modern Muslim teachings is that it adapted to the modern world while retaining half of what was present in the past. As a result, the modern Muslim woman wants the best of both worlds. She wants her own career that will keep her occupied for eight to ten hours of the day, […]



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