There was a time that men understood the importance of supporting other men in the pursuit of order, family and safety. A nuclear family could not survive on its own in the wide expanses of the earth where raids were not far and few between.

Fast forward and we had large empires as a result of male cooperation and the impulse to conquer and pillage. These things later on were considered objectively bad, but they are not necessarily so. Without dominance, power, and law, there can be no civilisation and the chaos that follows is infinitely worse.

One of the fringe benefits of male dominance, empire and brotherhood was that it kept female chaos and rule by emotions in check. Women had to obey the law, and the law was established by men, run by men and enforced by men. In a patriarchy men don’t take the tears of women too seriously because they understand that female emotions are fleeting; that one day she’ll be happy and another day she’ll be sad. The political will of the empire cannot rest on women nor can the ambitions of men be put onside because women might not like it.

It will take a cohort of real men to re-establish the patriarchy and train women to once again know what real men are. To that end the men who lie and pander to female nature should be viewed as the enemy because they have broken our societies and destroyed marriages. I have created an online group where men will help each other, and where women who understand the masculine imperative to lead, protect, and own will support us. It’s now or never. Breaking the false narratives is one front of this war, and we are fighting it.… #polygyny #polygamy #marriage #relationships

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