what men don't like

What men don’t like in a long-term relationship

Instead of the tired old disclaimer that all men are not the same… etc, let’s just get into it. Let’s not kid around about a very serious topic. There’s a lot of focus on the more mysterious sex and not that much focus on the more straight forward sex. Everyone assumes what men like in women is sex and what they don’t like is no sex. Actually it is a tad bit more involved than that. For you women out there having trouble understanding male sentiments I’ll attempt to break it down for you. 

Saying No when he wants to sleep with you

Obviously, men want sex. That’s a very true stereotype. It can’t be understated. Men want sex and they usually want it when they want it, not later, not tomorrow, not in an hours time, NOW. If your husband wants you, it’s a good idea to let him have you because it is the one way in which he feels that he is cared for. It’s a very big deal to men to feel that this single most important request is mostly heeded. If you want to keep him happy, make sure he gets it when he wants it. You can always seduce him whenever you really want it because if he likes you then that shouldn’t be too difficult. 

Being overly affectionate at the wrong time

Men want affection in measured doses. That’s right, don’t over do it. Offer him affection but if he looks uninterested, is busy or appears slightly annoyed rather save it for later. Men are often things orientated and not people orientated. When a man is busy doing a thing with a gadget and is focused somewhere it’s not likely that he’ll appreciate your affection at that moment. Unless it comes in the form of a sandwich or a cup of coffee. 

A dirty house

Men like to be looked after in as much as men also like to look after. Men who work for their families like to know that their families, wives and children, also have something on offer to them. Don’t expect a man to cook and clean your house if you’ve been at home all day. If you also work, and he works, then going half and half with household chores makes sense. But if you’re at home and he works, then make the home comfortable for him before he gets home. He barely lives there anyway so don’t expect him to clean it. A dirty house also affects a man’s sex drive as he will feel that it is an extension of his wife. Don’t expect to have a happy husband if he has to come home to a dirty house. 

A dishevelled wife

Now when a woman tries to bait a man she will wear lipstick and high heels, but when she has the man she walks around in her PJ’s 24/7. Meanwhile, out at the office the secretary has on her miniskirt and push up bra, jewellery and high heels. Right, which women do you think he’s gonna likely fancy fucking? The point is, if you have a husband don’t forget that he’s still a red blooded creature with red blooded male instincts. Keep on baiting him by being as sexy as you are when you are trying to attract attention walking about. Dress up for your man like you would for your boss. In fact, maybe even try reversing it. Dress up for your man and not for your boss at work. 

A woman who never closes her gate

Men don’t often mind fucking sluts because they are not good at saying no to what’s on offer. However, men don’t like being married to sluts because they don’t want other men to feel that what they are getting at a high price (marriage and commitment) can be given away for free. If you have a man, don’t allow yourself to enjoy the unwarranted sexual attention of other men. Women are suckers for attention and sexual attention is often part of bolstering the female ego. In fact it results in women leaving perfectly good men in the hope that they can get someone better because they falsely believe that all the sexual attention means that another man will commit. No honey, all that sexual attention means that other men will fuck you, not that they will commit to you. Close that gate and only relish in the sexual attention of your husband and you will find yourself more contented within your marriage. You won’t develop a wondering eye and hopefully you’ll never end up cheating on your husband. 

A woman that nags

There are those days when a man walks in the door and from the moment he enters his wife goes at him. She starts telling him everything she wants him to do, or what he didn’t do or what he forgot. Don’t be a nag because then your man will hesitate to come home. Instead, let him come inside, give him a hug and kiss and ask him how his day was. Then when he’s settled you can unpack some of the grievances you have. You’ll have better success securing his cooperation. If you don’t want to constantly repeat yourself, simply don’t. Ask him when he can do what you’d like and wait for him to do it. If he didn’t do it by then, then remind him. 

A woman that is a historian

Men do not like it when their wives start blaming them for having not put out the garbage ten years ago just like he didn’t do it yesterday. If you have an issue with your husband now, deal with the now, don’t rehash how on ten different occasions he failed in the past. That doesn’t help you, it will only make you resentful. 

A bossy woman

Men don’t like being told what to do. ASK your husband to do things you want him to do, don’t TELL him. Men have fragile egos and like to think that they’re in charge. More often than not men are not really in charge, but allow them to think so. Try a more feminine approach by suggesting, asking or negotiation on things you want him to do. Demands and ultimatums don’t only affect the way your husband will behave in the future but it also affects the way you will view him if he actually gives in. Women who demand and give ultimatums to their husbands lose respect for their husbands the moment they actually give in to those demands and finally will find their husbands sexually unattractive. Similarly, a man will lose sexual interest in his wife if she constantly tries to bully him into submission. However, on occasion a submissive gesture from the wife goes a long way. This doesn’t mean that you need to actually be submissive. A submissive gesture can be something as simple as giving in when your husband wants something. It doesn’t have to happen all the time but if you want a happy husband, sometimes when you are aware that he is adamant you might want to try to go along with his wishes. 

It matters

Today even mentioning the idea that woman can do things to keep their husbands’ happy is considered misogynistic. The focus is usually on what men can do to keep their wives happy. Truth be told, men are the principle agent woman are the helping agents. Women are often not happy when they are single and also not happy when they’re in a relationship that doesn’t work. Men are often happy when they are single, and often move on quite swiftly if a relationship doesn’t work and in most cases find themselves happily married to another woman. It rarely happens in the reverse. Divorced women don’t often get married again, and if they do it normally takes them a much longer time to get into another marriage. More often than not divorced women go on to be with several mates before they finally find the ‘right’ one if at all. It makes sense then that women also make some effort in trying to keep a man happy in much the same way men have been trained to make great efforts in trying to keep their wives happy. It’s a two way street but people don’t lose equally when things go wrong. What men know instinctively is that while a woman who wants kids has a window period of a few years, for a man life can begin at forty and he can still have the same life that he could’ve had if it started at twenty-five. So if you’re a woman and reading this, try to look past some of the outrage you might be feeling and even as you might tell yourself, “I don’t need a man” (and that’s probably true) ask yourself whether you actually want to have one that you can keep. 

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