Why the Tate’s are innocent

I’ve been watching content of Andrew Tate for about a year now. I came across him just before he became mega famous as being just another guy in the Manosphere. Although he might not have classified himself as that. Truth be told, a lot of what he was saying is part of a pretty standard narrative in the Red Pill and Manoshpere space. There was a lot of overlap between what he was saying and people like Rollo Tomassi, Coach Greg Adams, and even Gonzalo Lira. Nothing Andrew Tate was saying in fact was all that unique, but what was different was how he said it. His bombastic style and eloquence is really what won him the hearts and minds of so many people, especially young men. He wasn’t just saying that men should empower themselves, he projected an image of an empowered man. Who wouldn’t like a real life super hero with a Bugatti, women, money and morals? At some level, it appeared that Andrew struck the right balance of masculinity. He showed that a person can be rich, successful, strong, religious and have women. Usually these things are presented as antithetical to each other in popular discourse. The ideal man according to Western religion is monogamous, obedient, believes in equality and never asserts himself. Andrew literally proved them all wrong, and did it in style.

So why was it necessary to cancel him?

Andrews first mistake was when he spoke openly against the mandated vaccines. Truth be told, the establishment doesn’t really care all that much about ‘misogyny’ and the Red Pill. Those ‘misogynists’ have been around for a very long time and many of them are and have been massively famous. The first signs of him being cancelled was when he pissed off Big Pharma. He spoke openly against the holy grail of money and power: medicine. People will do anything to stay alive. It’s basic human psychology that anyone who controls the medical industry will be massively wealthy. Anyone who says that their products are useless with a loud enough voice, will be a major threat. However, that wasn’t all he was saying!

A few months before getting cancelled Andrew Tate started speaking positively about the West’s greatest and most avowed enemy: Islam. It’s fine for lesser famous people to speak positively about Islam and even for famous Muslim celebrities to promote it, but Andrew Tate was different. He was a successful model of hedonism, a slave of the Matrix gone rogue. The first signs that he was on his way there was when he declared himself a devout orthodox Christian. That was already bad enough. Then he started vocalising his massive respect for Islam. Such respect from someone who was supposed to be promoting hedonism and degeneracy was unacceptable. In a sense, he was violating and unwritten contract which would read as follows:

We will allow you to use our systems of hedonism, online pornography and gambling to get rich but then you have to keep promoting that lifestyle so the wealth continues to trickle in our direction. Sign here:…………..

Instead, what he did was the exact opposite. Sure enough, he used their legalised corruption to become wealthy, but then he branched out into more legitimate forms of income. In so doing he broke the contract. He started to preach against the people that helped him rise to the top, and that’s why now they’re taking him down. In the current day and age, you can’t be massively powerful and wealthy in the West and also be a man of God, unless you’re the Pope. Andrew tried to be both, and finally the side that was most compromised deiced to lash out first.

Corruption must flourish

Degeneracy and corruption has always been profitable. When anyone as famous as Andrew starts to speak against pedophilia, degeneracy and corruption he has placed himself into opposition with people much wealthier and more powerful than he would ever be. The ultra rich and powerful do not play by anyone’s rules, much less the rules of governments. They do not need a legal pretext to lock anyone up, or simply have them disappear. Andrew simply pissed off the wrong people because if the world became a better place, they would no longer be able to hold sway over the masses. It’s important to keep people on drugs, prostitutes on the street, and women competing for attention on social media with their bodies.

It’s not about Romania

Many people believe this is a case of Romania’s corrupt government and legal system. Romania is only acting on behalf of the United States who has clearly instructed them to hold the Tate’s by any means necessary. Their legal system doesn’t actually indicate that this would otherwise be permissible under the law. It is not the Romanian judges and courts that have decided on this matter. Rather this is because Andrew Tate has pissed off the West, which is represented by Western Europe and America. He has numerous times said that America is degenerate and has actively promoted that people leave it for better countries. He also single handedly swung the narrative in favour of ‘1st World Islamic Nations’ and have boasted about how safe they are. Whereas the Western media has promoted that Islam and Muslims are barbaric and that nothing good in fact can come from them. In fact, many Western analysts who talk about the failings of Islam have never been to a Muslim country before. Whereas, Andrew decided to live in the United Arab Emirates and promote its peaceful society. In this sense, he became the casualty of a long standing media war that has been raging on for the past two hundred years. The Western hegemony has always been reliant on the narrative that all things Western is better. Andrew, almost single handedly changed that narrative, and for that he will go down in history as potentially one of the most influential men of this century.

The Stupidity of MGTOW

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