There is a trend to want to establish a world where there are no losers. If there are no losers, there are no winners. By definition if there is a winner that means someone has lost. If we change the rules of the game such that no one can win, we’ll discover at some point that no one would want to play. Human beings are built to compete with each other. If you eliminate competition, you eliminate progress. Survival requires people to struggle and compete for resources. There’s a good chance that those who don’t compete in nature will die. Just because we have social welfare and safety nets in some countries doesn’t mean that nature has changed. Rather, these safety nets only offset the inevitable. The losers will be eliminated, the winners will survive. However, the elimination of the losers is a gradual process because losers are important to the natural ecosystem of existence. Losers will never not exist, in the same way that winners will never not exist. The only thing that happens is that expectations shift. Today’s winners are tomorrow’s losers. Yesterday’s losers are today’s winners. Some losers are eliminated along the way, others learn to win. The strong become weak, and the weak become strong. If you are currently winning, know that there will be a time when you will lose, and if you are currently losing know that there will be a time when you will either get eliminated or you will start to win. There is really nothing to be angry about, it’s all just a game.

If you are winning, it will require consistent hard work and improvement to keep winning. At some point you will slow down and die or lose. If you are losing at life you can change your habits in order to become a winner. Or you can continue to do whatever it is you are doing and be a burden to society. Enough losers like you will cause social collapse. It would be better if you died to alleviate the burden on society. The only time non contributors do not cause social collapse is if at some point they contributed to society and now have reached old age, or if they are sick and cannot contribute. Fortunately, very sick people die. If you are healthy and a loser, then you have an obligation to yourself and your society to become a winner in something that will contribute positively to your status and to the society at large. However, after every rise there is a fall. No one will remain at the same level of power or status; either he will keep moving forward or he will start to move backwards.If you discover that you are losing within the hierarchy you have been competing in and in which you have been a winner, then it is time you move on to compete elsewhere. You can fall hard on your descent or you can catch yourself and compete on the way down. Don’t gamble with your life by trying to hold onto something for too long when the end is in sight. Quit while you’re ahead, and use what you have to propel yourself forward in another competition. People have actually all been gifted with multiple talents.

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  1. I disagree as usual. Sometimes I think our real purpose might not be to give, but to receive. And some people are always going to have to receive a hundred times more than they give. Their brains, their bodies, or their destinies make this so. Perhaps they are our true treasures.

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