I recently watched the movie, “All I See is You” where this blind woman is the wife of an insurance broker residing in Thailand. I thought this movie would make excellent Red Pill content because it lines up with all the teachings of the Red Pill Movement that has found currency over the past few years. If you didn’t see the movie then this is a spoiler alert. Don’t read further. First go watch the movie on Netflix or wherever and then read this blog.


The first and most obvious truth that we have always spoken of in the Red Pill space is that women prefer fantasy to reality. For as long as there is intrigue, mystery, and uncertainty almost any woman would be hooked onto her man. In the movie, the blind wife is literally dependent on her husband for almost everything while not really ‘knowing’ who he is. When she sleeps with him, she has this fantasy in her head of who he is. Her apartment she lives in is also amazing because she gets to imagine what it is like, without ever knowing what it really looks like. In other words, as a blind woman, the woman is very contented with her life because it allows her to play into her fantasy. Blindness allows her to be fucking whoever she imagines in her head, and allows her to live in whatever apartment she imagines in her head. Aside from not being able to see, she is fulfilled as a woman. That is because she is able to live in her fantasy and it makes her feel good, and in essence for most women that’s all that matters: how they feel.


Fast forward and she undergoes an operation where she is now able to see, and she gets back a lot of her agency. She is no longer fully reliant on her husband, and this is where the trouble starts. Suddenly the level of control he had over her is lost and it becomes clear that the lifestyle she would have liked for herself as a more independent person is not congruent with his more conservative values. This rubs him the wrong way, but he doesn’t ever stand-up for himself. In one scene his wife and her sister with her sister’s husband goes to watch a live porn show and instead of objecting to it because he is not comfortable, he decides to not go, but allows her to go anyway. When she comes out a guy grabs her ass and because he doesn’t react violently, she gets angry with him. Isn’t he a real man? The rest is almost predictable. Obviously, she ends up cheating on him. Why? Well, because she tested the boundaries and he failed. He failed what all the guys in the Red Pill space call the SHIT TEST.


When his wife sleeps with the guy who befriends her in the park as a once off, she gets to experience part of her fantasy. The fantasy she once had with him when she was blind. In reality, as a bind woman, a doting husband who took care of her was above her level. Without him, she’d be lost. As a seeing woman, a doting husband was a simp who stayed with her because he probably couldn’t do better. What she craved was a man who would have his way with her, not ASK HER PERMISSION. That was the appeal of the other guy. He took what he wanted. Whereas her husband, who would have had every right to do so didn’t. Instead of being assertive, taking the lead, and stepping into the man she would have wanted, he stepped out, got offended, and tried underhanded things to reassert his authority. In the end the SIMP commits suicide, like so many Western men who cannot handle a heartbreak. His woman very predicably no longer wanted him because he was no longer good enough. She wanted to continue to live out her fantasy and he just wasn’t it.


As men it is important that when you are not comfortable with anything your wife does that you SAY SO. If it is big enough to deeply trouble your or inconvenience your life, then you must not back down. However, if she doesn’t want to back down, you must be brave enough to back away. If that man, and all such men who are taught the mainstream garbage, had access to Red Pill content he would have handled that like a pro. When she could see and it was clear that she was disappointed that he didn’t meet her fantasy he could have stepped up his game, and if he was unwilling to do so he should have left her. It’s that simple. Realism is supposed to be the domain of a man. Knowing a woman while she was blind and learning to know her when she can see might yield very different results. If you don’t like the results, admit it and move on. The irony is that if she had sensed that he was willing to stick to his guns, and she really loved him, she would have backed down, stepped in line and would never have cheated on him. She cheated on him because he allowed it, not only because she was ‘bad.’ If she had lived in fear of losing him, she’d be focused on him, had the suspense and drama she needed, and would never have strayed.

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