The idea that allowing polygyny would create a collapse in society is a fallacy

Polygyny solves the problem of hypergamy as follows: Already in the Western world about 30% of young men under thirty are virgins while 100% of adult women have had or are having sex. Polygyny solves this problem because it requires that the man stay long-term with the women he wants. In other words, he doesn’t cycle through hundreds of women. He will only have his cohort of women, and once he cannot manage to have anymore than he already has he is off the market. Whereas currently, the top 20% of men are never off the market and cycle through scores of women who always see them as being available, thereby choosing to not mate with someone lower down in the hierarchy.

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Furthermore, it isn’t the natural choice of every woman to marry a man in polygyny. Many women would rather marry a man who is monogamous which at any rate is the natural ability of the men lower down the hierarchy because they won’t possess the drive or ability to handle more than one wife. If they can’t get laid now without instituted polygyny where there is a free for all, they would stand a better chance of actually getting married when marriage is the door to sex since the majority of women will no longer be the play things of hyper masculine men.

Polygyny minus promiscuity solves the problem of hypergamy and will be a protection of the many monogamous marriages that exist because the wives of those monogamous men won’t leave their husbands without having to first consider the possibility of being in polygyny- a hard prospect for a lot of women. The idea that allowing polygyny would create a collapse in society is a fallacy. The Islamic world existed as empire and world super power for over 1300 years and allowed polygyny.

Here’s the catch. Most Muslims aren’t practicing polygyny and haven’t because not everyone has access to that or will sign up for it. People can actually regulate themselves and society does work with having more than one marriage system. One size doesn’t have to fit all. The truth is that a woman is only going to sign up for polygyny if she believes the man is exceptional- a true cut above the rest. Most men aren’t exceptional. A woman I once knew was told by her husband that he wanted another wife to which she responded, “There was only one man I would have done that with and for, and it isn’t you…” That sums up the argument. #polygyny #marriage #fidelity

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