• Polygyny Coaching

    Get expert advice on how to deal with your polygynous marriage or before you embark on one. Save yourself a lifetime of heartache with my expert advice. Don’t listen to people who haven’t experienced the lifestyle and only have theoretical knowledge. Learn from the experiences of others. Only by appointment.

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  • How to Choose and Keep a Wife: A Practical Guide for Men

    How to Choose and Keep a Wife is a much needed and in demand marriage guide for men in a time when marriages are just not working. This book doesn’t aim to fix the problems of women, or the problems with society. Rather, this book gives men a step by step guide on how to properly…

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  • The Terrorist Next Door: Prison Sentence

    After Fatima’s arrest, the battle against the legal system begins. Discover what Fatima’s life in prison is like and how she deals with some of the challenges she faces. Meanwhile, on the outside, things get a bit rough as the family struggle to come to terms with how events have unfolded. A harrowing tale of…

  • Polygyny Maybe Not?: A Guide to Monogamy (ebook)

    Polygyny isn’t for everyone. The first handbook I wrote was for people who were interested in practicing polygyny. It was called, ‘Polygyny Maybe?’ Some of my readers who bought my previous book, told me that I discouraged them from practicing polygyny and that they decided it was not for them. However, since I seemed to…

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    The Terrorist Next Door: Hate at First Sight (ebook)

    The Terrorist Next Door is a fiction about Jack’s new neighbors who happen to be Moslems. In his attempt to be patriotic Jack finds out interesting things about his neighbors thinking that he would keep the homeland safe. However, in the process he finds himself conflicted between his stereotypes and his new found ‘friends.’ This…

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