Survival Strategies between Men and Women

Men prioritise the survival of others, women prioritise their own survival. Read that again. Women are the carriers of the species and men are the carriers of a civilization- essentially built in the interest of safety or the survival of a collective. Men are built to act in the interest of a group, women are built to act in the interest of themselves and to attach themselves to a group in the interest of safety. Understand that you cannot engage with women as if they are men. Women seek mates because it is a pathway to their survival. Men seek mates because it is a pathway to the survival of a civilzation and the species as a whole.

Understand that men are polygynous by nature because it often requires one man to mate with several women for the species to perpetuate. Women seek out the strongest mates who can perpetuate the strongest genes while ignoring the weakest men whose genes will adversely affect the evolution of our species if perpetuated.

The business of nature is harsh, and relationships are always transactional at the root of it. Don’t for one minute believe otherwise. That’s the reason why millions of women have children with already married men when there are several single men around they simply do not want. Deep down every woman is drawn to a viral and capable man. The fact that he has children already is instinctively attractive because it is proof of his ability to have more. Also, the fact that his family has faired well, his wives are well kept and his children are looked after makes him a much better prospect than to gamble with a single man without a resume and track record. If women must be honest, polygyny is the safest bet.

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