The Hypocrisy of Western Men

Over years of dealing with Western men and Western ideals I’ve come to realise that there is an inherent contradiction with most of the ways in which they approach sex and the sexual market place. Being part of the Manosphere, there are real problems in the Gynocentric Western nations that favour women and women’s rights to the extent that men are excluded from society. It is why I mainly focus on men’s issues because I am empathetic towards men and I view feminism as the invention of Satan. Having said that, I also believe that Western men are basically hypocrites because they often, on the one hand, promote the male right to sleep around, and on the other hand bemoan that women have become Alpha widows (to use Rollo Tomassi’s terminology), or that women have a high body count and are no good for marriage. When you ask the same men what their body count is, then they too have a high body count. As you sow, so shall you reap? 

While I do acknowledge that there is truth in the various arguments which cite that women who sleep around are damaged goods, whereas men who sleep around aren’t. Fair enough, men and women are different. However, within the same society, if a man makes 40 women Alpha widows, and then goes on to marry woman number 41 while at the same time telling men not to marry alpha widows, then he is shortsighted and a hypocrite. So he can run through lots of woman, but can’t marry a woman who has been run through by 40 guys? Then finally most of these Westerners would go on to argue that monogamy is the ideal? Say what? Did you know that in polygynous societies men have sex with three or four women in their entire lives? Women also have sex with two or three men in case they get divorced or their husbands die. 

The truth is the options aren’t between polygyny and monogamy, it is actually between polygyny and promiscuity. What many Westerns overlook is that their societies degenerated because of the deregulation of the sexual market place and because of enforced monogamy. In reality, men who want to sleep with lots of women and are able to do so, within a regulated sexual market place, would have to marry those women. Once married to them, he will have to look after them. When he realises the burden of having to look after several women he loses interest in having more wives. An alpha male in an Islamic society would have four wives, and incidentally, unless he divorced several times would likely only ever have four sexual partners during his lifetime. A female would either only have one sexual partner, or at most three or four if she was divorced and remarried. Rarely do women marry more than four times in a lifetime. Unlike Western men, the Alpha male in Islamic societies sometimes has as many as forty children, because he digs deep and strikes water, instead of making a whole lot of shallow holes. Which is it? Do you just want a virgin to play around with?

Western men sometimes boast about sleeping with hundreds of women and then complain that women are sluts. Finally, when they decide they want to marry, they go for Mary. Yes, no one wants to marry a girl from the street. The difference is, that most of your girls are girls on the street, because your men are men on the street. You get what you help create. Whereas, for us, Muslims, our women can’t just sleep around. If you try to sleep with a Muslim woman, in a Muslim country, and her father finds out about that, you can kiss your life goodbye. We demand our women be taken honourably, and that’s why our women have honour, are chaste and make good wives. But that also means that we have to ourselves take women honourably. You can do the same without being Muslim, by opting not to give attention seeking women any attention because, ultimately, it is the men that are in charge. If you say No, it is No.

But will you say No to yourself or are you going to keep sleeping around and yet demand that women be chaste? You literally can’t have it both ways. Your logic is circular and your discourse is basically not worth the paper you use to write it on. Women who sleep around, are sleeping with guys who sleep around. If you don’t want to be part of that, it’s easy, JUST DON’T. That would then make you eligible to have chaste women, because you yourself are chaste. What makes you think that the first woman or tenth woman you ran through wasn’t chaste? Every woman is chaste at some point, and sometimes it takes a man to actually commit to the virgin he sleeps with to keep her that way. Have you considered that? Or is that that men should try to take the virginity of as many women as possible, and then when they are old decide that it is now time to settle down and then like Kevin Samuels, can’t find someone to settle down with? I tell you’ll what, just convert to Islam, it’s better for you. 

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1 thought on “The Hypocrisy of Western Men

  1. Why would feminists worship Satan? Actually he would count as just another male who has no respect. Feminism is the reason why we women get to vote, own property, and rank as real live human beings instead of possessions. Female honor that depends on some guy or other is not honor. It’s just compliance, which is worth less than nothing.

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