Have you ever heard the song, “Love me for Me” by Jamali? I grew up with songs of female artists singing about how men should just accept them for who they are. Now, obviously, in general people should all be accepted for who they are because there is realistically nothing else you could possibly do. However, in the context of an intimate relationship, it is perfectly right to be picky. Yet, men are taught to accept and women are taught to be picky. In reality, everyone should be picky because being in a relationship with someone means sharing your personal space and intimate life with them. The theme, “Love for me Me?” Is not about not being picky, it’s about women not having to make any sacrifices or attempt to try to be better. 

If a man were to sing, “Love Me for Me” it wouldn’t make any sense. Men aren’t loved for being men because men do not have intrinsic value. The song that applies to men is, “I don’t want no scrub”by TLC. What ought to happen is that men should also apply the lyrics of “Love Me for Me” because not only is it a great song, but it’s a great message. While men are programmed to fight harder, to push harder, to bring home the bacon; women are trained to be accepted for who they are, regardless of what they do or how hard they try. That’s real gender discrimination. 

Men do not get loved, the way men love. In fact, men are far more romantic than women in general because they do actually love women who have nothing. Whereas, very rarely are men who have nothing loved by anyone. That’s the hard truth that men have to face everyday and it isn’t made easier when their jobs and the arena of male achievement is taken away from them. Yes, a girl don’t want no scrub because he broke and can’t get no love from her. How many girls are saying that they want a broke unsuccessful man? Well guess what? A girl who hasn’t accomplished anything for herself in her life can get a rich successful man just on account of her beauty, youth and ability to bear children.

If you are a man and reading this, your value is not in who you are as a man, it’s in what you can do. If you are a woman, you should know that your beauty and charm will disappear with age and then you’d actually need to rely on the skills you ought to have developed throughout life. Relying on your sexuality alone will eventually let you down. There comes a time when a bright smile won’t anymore win you a spot at the front of the line. Nor will simply opening your legs get you laid. There comes a time, when all that will be gone and what will be left is the personality that you hopefully developed. “Love me for me” is only for kids. Most people love little kids who make cute noises and are helpless.

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