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A wife of mine once went to a place I didn’t approve of her going. It wasn’t a bad place, but I had specifically asked her that day not to go there. However, she felt that she was in a predicament because she already promised the owner of the place that she’d come. Later in the day I checked up on her not convinced that she was committed to my order. As I suspected, I was right. She went anyway. I very calmly told her that I needed to now find a way to punish her while I am out of the country. Had I been at home, that would have been easily accomplished. I then asked her to write an essay detailing why it is important to obey her husband citing sources from the scriptures- Bible and the Qur’an.

Why a wife shouldn’t disobey her husband

“A married woman’s obedience to her husband is better than her obedience to her father” Ibn Taymiyya. The role of a husband and leader of a household is to clothe, feed, see to health care, finances and protect his family against any and all threats amongst other things. When a husband command his wife to do something, it is obligatory on her to do it as long as it is halal and doesn’t go against Allah. We should submit to our husband in everything. If she disobeys her husband she is disobeying Allah and his Prophet (SAW). “A woman who goes out of the house without the husband’s consent, the angels will curse her until she comes home.” Tabarani If a wife oversteps the boundaries set by her husband this causes discord within a marriage. It is said in Surah Nisa “As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them first. Next refuse to share their beds and lastly beat them (lightly). If they return to obedience, seek not means against them (of annoyance); for Allah is Most High, great (above you all)”. A hiding will be painful and it’ll bother a woman for a very long time, because women are emotional beings that remember pain years later as though she got hurt yesterday, yet that hiding for her is better than divorce. A woman will learn from the mistake and will enter paradise with the obedience to her husband. There is reward in accepting your husband orders even when you disagree. When a wife constantly breaks the rules of her husband she is destroying her household. Their children will be disobedient and most likely stray from the righteous path. They will disrespect the parents. They’ll all suffer because of her actions. #obedience #discipline

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