Some general remarks from my reading of the Qur’an

God, in the Qur’an, requires complete submission such that the believer is able to give up his life, his income, his amibtions and his desires without hesitation seeking God’s Mercy and Pleasure. Abraham portrayed this best in his actions and in his words when we said, “Indeed my prayers, and my sacrifices, and my life and my death belongs to Allah Lord of the Worlds.” Another interesting observation I’ve made in Surah Tawbah is that those who did not establish the prayers were not seen as part of the community of the believers and in the context of war were to be fought against. It leads me to question the idea that a person can in fact be a Muslim and not pray?

Furthermore the Qur’an insists that the Prophet and the believers are to fight those who chose the life of this world over the next by being unwilling to give up their posessions in the interest of the greater good. This is a tall order for even most Muslims who fall into that exact same category.

Finally, the Qur’an insists on absolute individual accountability, that every single person will be asked about what they did and no single person will be wronged when the record is set straight on the Day of Judgement. This ties in with its acknowledge that there are vast injustices perpetrated in the world and that the role of the believers are to fight against injustice and to view that fight as a test from Allah as a means to bring the believers nearer to Him, His rememberance and internal peace and tranquility. In the world view of the Qur’an life in indeed a battle, there is a struggle between good and evil and it is that way by no accident. God Decreed it. #Quran#Ramadan#Islam#justice

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