In ancient and modern times there always exist a category of woman that was labelled a concubine. In different cultures they had different words for it, but it essentially amounted to the same thing: a lesser wife. In the various studies done in the field of cultural anthropology it is documented that people throughout Africa, […]

Modern Muslim Women

The problem with modern Muslim teachings is that it adapted to the modern world while retaining half of what was present in the past. As a result, the modern Muslim woman wants the best of both worlds. She wants her own career that will keep her occupied for eight to ten hours of the day, […]

Disgruntled Guys

I’ve spent the last few years of my life listening to disgruntled guys. “Women are the problem,” they say. The Youtube gurus are at it on the various MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) channels, MRA’s are blaming feminism and those who aren’t saying much are enjoying the abundance of a deregulated sexual market place- […]



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