The problem with modern Muslim teachings is that it adapted to the modern world while retaining half of what was present in the past. As a result, the modern Muslim woman wants the best of both worlds. She wants her own career that will keep her occupied for eight to ten hours of the day, and she wants a man who is a provider and protector. Her money should not be used for anything useful as it relates to her family because a woman’s money is her own, but her labour itself isn’t spent on her family- because she is the servant of her corporation.

Muslim scholars haven’t suitably adapted their perspective of rights and responsibilities because their discourse is largely based on the typical scenario in the past where men worked and women stayed at home. In that situation, the only money women typically had was what they received from their husbands’ and from inheritance. To take away or use the stagnate wealth of a dependent would definitely be unfair, and so rightfully the scholars in the 12th century- viewing women as children- argued that they could not be held financially liable.

In the 21st century that paradigm has largely changed because women have careers and jobs. In other words, they should be held financially liable because in terms of the ancient paradigm they are honorary men. Meaning, a woman must pay maintenance when she chose to be a man. If she wants to be provided for, then she must stay at home and work for her husband- by doing all the housewife chores.

Scholars now went a step further to say that it isn’t even the duty of a Muslim woman to do housework or breastfeed babies, but that she can request financial compensation for it. Is it any wonder, that the marriage rates are now dropping in the Muslim world? Who wants to marry a liability? A woman who has zero responsibilities and whose singular focus is material wealth?

So, a good Muslim woman, in the imagination of modern discourse is a woman who doesn’t cook, doesn’t clean, and doesn’t breastfeed unless financially compensated. She can out earn her husband and spend all her money on bags and shoes if wants. She can come home in the evening and go sleep and then leave in the morning to go to work. Meanwhile, her husband should pay for maids to cook, clean and look after the kids while she is nothing more than a glorified border. While her husband wears blue overalls and work boots, she’ll wear Gucci? This is what modern Muslim women want, and when they get it, it won’t be long until they get divorced because the narrative is FALSE. #marriage #divorce #feminism #Muslims

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