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It’s 6am in the morning. I’m still plugged in. I open my eyes, of course I don’t really need them because I can see with images being fed directly into my mind through my new neurolink v6, by SaceX. Everything is crystal clear with my Oculus 12 headset. I tell my headset with my mind …

The court

The purpose of law and the Rule of Law

It is often said that when there is no law in a society that they follow the law of the jungle. In the jungle the fittest survive, might is right, and animals rule others through sheer dominance. That is an oversimplification, because ethologists have noted that there are significant cultural climates or customs that regulate …


The Principles

As a rule, always put the shoe on the other foot when you want to do something you are not sure is right. Would you like that other men flirt with your wife? So why would it be ok for you to do that?

father and daugther

The decision

I ran toward himAnd he turned away.I tried to hold on to himI could never get him to stay. I got tired, bone weary.Just went through the motions. Ignored the grief etched on his face So severely. Waited for my chance to escape. One day I was free.Left without a backward glance. What had he …

Writing Letters

Writing Letters

By Laylah De Bruyns As the sun started to set on the horizon and twilight tinged the lingering hues of the day, the muadhin began his call to the Maghrib prayer. The people gathered in the courtyard at simple trestle tables murmured a prayer before breaking their fast. A mass supper was a frequent occurrence …



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