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A strong mind


The art of naming, I am led to believe, is primarily a human trait. The revelation I read and try to follow, the Qur’an, talks about how God taught Adam the names of all things. (2:118)  Naming is a very big deal because it is the foundation of a vocabulary and as a result, the …


I don’t know what he wants…

There was a time people made certain basic assumptions about men and what they want in an intimate relationship. In fact, many people still have these basic assumptions: sex, food, comfort, and to be left alone. That’s a very short list and for a lot of men, keeping things as uncomplicated as possible is very …

A strong spirit

Pleasure Seeking

When I was growing up I veered towards asceticism and had this idea that seeking pleasure was spiritually damning. I got that idea, not only from Islamic asceticism but also from my reading of the Far-Eastern Traditions. My journey into Martial Arts led me down the rabbit role of spiritualism and for many years I …

Cultural Diversity

Understanding Cultural Nuance

In a diverse world where you might be in conversation with people from all around the globe, it’s hard not to misunderstand what the other person means. That is because, historically, we typically only spoke to people around us. We shared a common language and common experience. In today’s world we need to have a …

Time Management
A strong mind

Time Management

The world we live in is not like the world our parents lived in. We have the internet, social media, YouTube and so many other things we can spend a lot of our time on. Some people report spending in excess of six hours a day on their phones. Those aren’t six hours of being …



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