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Male Attention is a Drug

Male attention is more than just a guy showing some interest in a woman. Male attention is addictive, and most women will do almost anything to get it. Almost everything a woman does is for the benefit of men, even though most women will never admit that. She might say that she dresses provocatively for …

Make Marriage Easier

Make Marriage Easier!

In almost all cultures and religions we have a concept of marriage. Marriage is a universal concept, and yet it has become universally tough for people to get married. In this short blog I will explore why marriage has become tough and what we can do to help people get married. Economic Burdens The way …



Have you ever heard the song, “Love me for Me” by Jamali? I grew up with songs of female artists singing about how men should just accept them for who they are. Now, obviously, in general people should all be accepted for who they are because there is realistically nothing else you could possibly do. …


The Hypocrisy of Western Men

Over years of dealing with Western men and Western ideals I’ve come to realise that there is an inherent contradiction with most of the ways in which they approach sex and the sexual market place. Being part of the Manosphere, there are real problems in the Gynocentric Western nations that favour women and women’s rights …


Why the mating dance goes wrong

Over millions of years of evolution and for the first time in modern history we’ve experienced an unprecedented change in the variables we need to negotiate in order to have a viable relationship. Couples can now negotiate whether or not they’re going to have children. Who is going to be the primary breadwinner and primary …

Emotional infidelity

Boundaries in Relationships

I remember the days when I would see a really beautiful woman, let’s a say a 10 out of 10, go up to her and try to start a conversation with her. I would say, “Hi, how are you?” She’d reply, “fine.” I’d say, what’s your name, she’d say, “Anna.” I’d be like, “what are …



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